Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best Dressed at the 2010 Emmy awards

It's no secret that I am obsessed with award shows.  Aaron took the kids to the pool toady so I could watch the Emmy's without interuption. the following are my favorite gowns:

Sadly Lauren Graham, whom I love, wore this ill fitting dress:


This week over at Zelda Lily, among other things, I wrote about The View, ass sewing, and Afgan school girls. Check it out if you have a moment. 

Dude Gets Arrested for Encouraging Kid to Swear for a YouTube Video

Whenever my daughter says the word clap she says crap. It cracks me every time. The other day during my boy’s water polo game, after a goal was scored she turned to me and asked “mom, why aren’t you crapping?” I died. I mean tears in my eyes laughter. There’s just something comical about little kids cursing.

That said I would never take it this far:  Teach a neighbor kid to swear for a you tube video

Also if I were that kid’s parents I would be beyond angry. What a jerk!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News flash

I’m going to start with the good stuff:

I've been bummed out with my school schedule so today I went ahead and e-mailed an English professor about the possibility of him adding me to his rooster. It was a firm no at first. Instead of giving up I sent him several witty (in my opinion, anyway) e-mails about how the very idea of spending an entire semester without an English class may very well kill me.  He caved. I am never pushy. I feel like a major life lesson was learned today. Happily I am now enrolled in English 205.

On to the bad.

My little guy (Jake) has pneumonia. It's not a huge deal. Medication will clear it right up but I had no idea just how sick he was. ON top of that I learned he has asthma. My sister had asthma and would wake up in a panic thanks to her attacks and it really freaked me out. I'm hoping that the same will not happen with Jake.

To make matters worse, Andrew’s hearing test results were not good and he will have to have a growth in his ear removed.

Why do medical situations have to happen all at once? I'm not a fan of my kids have health issues. Luckily nothing is life threatening, just simple stuff that can be taken care of. ON a side not my kids have the coolest pediatrician ever. I love her

I am super strong, I'm super brave.....

Amelia is always insisting that I film her doing various things like creating commercials in which she sells "those dogs that firemen use." or "rainbow colored basketballs" and other random 5 year old brained thoughts.  The girl just likes to be on camera.  I forsee a future thespian for sure.  A couple of nights ago she demanded I film her behaving like this:

The greatest irony may be Glen Beck's figure looming on our TV (((shudder)))).

my kid

While at the beach the other day Andrew decided to roll in and out of the waves on his stomach. It was one of the most hysterical things i have witnessed as a parent.  I got some video footage which doesn.'t even come close to showcasing how funny it was.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school

My classes started up this week. I am not at all impressed by my schedule, History, Dream weaver web creation, my third course in Spanish, and speech. It consists of way too much homework. Last night I could not sleep and when I did I was writing a Zelda Lily blog post about prostitutes n my SLEEP!

I’m tired.

In my Spanish class the professor speaks solely in espanol and wanted us to write an 8 sentence paragraph in Spanish on our first day of CLASS, wtf lady. Oh, and she told us that we will have quizzes every time our class meets! Although I did manage to friend a 60 something aging hippy with the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. Her Spanish may be worse than mine. Is it shallow to admit that is why I like her so much?

My history teacher has a fondness for Hawaiian shirts that do absolutely nothing for his complexion. Also, the dude who sits next to me in his class has body odor issues and zero concept of personal space. I’m going to have to remember to find a new seat.

This week has seemed so rushed. It feels like Friday but it’s only Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Great White Sightings in San Diego

This weekend Aaron took the kids snorkeling at La Jolla Cove and the next day he did a mile and half swim there with some friend. That very same day, Sunday,  a great white shark was spotted at lifeguard tower 30.  Holy crap.  I can't tell you how badly this freaks me out. I have an extreme shark phobia.  On top of that a local  paddle boarder took this footage last week from San Onfre: 

 CRAZY!  To make matters worse, this weekend we are taking a family trip that is ocean based.  We will be staying on the beach and are supposed to be snorkeling and spear fishing.  I am freaking out...FREAKING OUT! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

A San Diego Summer

Reason number 57,864,321 why I love Anthropologie

Two years ago, when I found out that Anthropologie would be opening shop in Chula Vista and Fashion Valley I just about died. Seriously. That's how much I love their stuff. I could spend hours in that store trying on stuff and staring longing at their beautiful merchandise. Only problem is everything is out of my thrift store loving price range.

Last fall I found an amazing Anthropologie orange cowl neck sweater at my local AMVETS. I wore it religiously. My mom visited and washed my dry clean only things. She wrecked my beloved sweater. I almost threw her out onto the street, that is how heavy my rage was.

Over the years I have purchased a few anthro items. All of which are my very favorite wardrobe items. Their stuff is timeless. I have a periwinkle summer dress that looks like it is straight out of the 1950's, and a pale yellow cardigan that looks awesome with everything.

Currently they are having a summer sale. Last night I convinced myself that I needed a few new things because soon I will be back in school, also I may or may not have an interview next week. Above all, I deserve nice things, dammit!

Here is what I bought for  terrifc bargain sale prices:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aaron's brother is renting an apartment less than a block away from the beach home my dad died in.  I find it unsetteling.

 Tonight I attended a barbeque at his beach rental.  Aaron left with the kids beforehand so I could get some things around the house done.  When I arrived it was past seven and a parking spot was no where in sight.  I ended up parking a ways away and having to walk on the boardwalk that lines the bay. 

It was a walk I took daily back when my parents briefly lived there.  It's amazing the way sight and scent trigger memories.  My dad has been gone for nearly two years, yet I stillI have moments where the feeling of loss over his death is so sharp that it stuns me.  That't how I felt tonight.  

Oddly I couldn't stop myself from walking past Jesse's alley.  Before long I was standing in fornt of the condo where I had last seen my dad.  I was amazed that it still looked the same: Same gate, same patio table, same beige bucket used to wash the sand off ones feet. I half expeceted it to be gone completely.  I don't know if I can even put into words the way it felt to stand there.  I've stood in front of the condo before, only one time since my mom moved out of it.  This time it felt different.  This time all I could feel was anger. I'm trying to figure out way that is?    I couldn't help crying--right  there on the boardwalk in front of the "death condo" with bicyclist and dog walkers looking at me as if I had lost my mind. 

I don't cry often so it felt good ot get it out. 

Eventually I madecmy way to Jesse's. 

While I realize that his motivation in renting his apartmetn had everything to do with the location and nohting at all to do with making me feel bad I can't help but feel a little bit of resentment over it.  I know it's not right to be upset about it. Still, I wish he would awklowdge that the close proximity to my dad's place of death is a little a weird.

Brody Jenner has stupid hair thanks to Avril Lavigne

  When I was in high school there was this girl in my geometry class who started dating the dude who sat next to me. After about week of dating she went a little nuts and started scribbling his name along with hearts in permanent marker all over her jeans. The day after that she had made little messages with a label maker that read "Mike loves Kim" and placed them on various vending machines and lockers around the school. He dumped her like two days later.

Today I saw that Brody Jenner did this stupidness to his head for his new girlfriend Avril Lavigne.  Totally reminded of the crazy chick from my geometry class.  I smell a break-up in the works.  No one likes needy.

Date night

Last night Aaron and I went on a date, something we haven’t done in a very long time.

On Thursday my new motorcycle helmet arrived via UPS. The one I had before was a hand-me down for a friend and didn’t fit properly. Every time I wore it I was convinced it would fly off my head smashing the window of the people behind us forcing them to lose control of their car, which would cause the driver to run me over, thus killing everyone in said car while crippling me (I realize how dramatic I am). Thank god we bought a different helmet. The new one smoshes my face a little and makes me look like a pudgy child that has a love of dairy.  Anything is better than intense paranoia. At least I know I will not die.

On our date, we decided to take the motorcycle. Aaron always insists that I wear sensible clothing while on the motorcycle, like boots and ugly jackets that will protect my skin. It’s kind of a nuisance. I just want to wear normal cute stuff like leggings and ballet flats or a nice summer dress. The boots make me feel like I am playing the role of some biker chick that chews tobacco and scratches her crotch in public. But Aaron insists and gets all fatherly about my safety. I am forced to comply.

Coronado is one of my favorite places in the world so that’s where we went. It’s even more amazing from the back of a bike. Going over the Bay Bridge was such a rush. There’s the water and the sailboats, and the view on the city, it’s remarkable. I almost cried. I know that’s a little ridiculous but seriously it’s intensely beautiful. Sometimes I forget just how stunning San Diego is.

When Aaron first bought his bike last summer I was completely against it. My main reasoning was that I didn’t want him to end up as road kill. Also I didn’t want my kids to ever end up riding motorcycles. He persisted and wore me down. In the end I agreed to it.

I’m kind of obsessed with it now. I’m not big into speed. I don’t drive fast, I hate jet skis. Honestly I am kind of a worry wart about such things. That all changed the first time I rode on the back of Aaron’s bike. I love it. It’s therapeutic. It’s a whole new way of exploring our city. I now understand those people who devote their lives to their motorcycle, hanging out at biker bars, the posters, the weird outfits of leather chaps and fringed biker coats, and the vacations geared around their motorcycles. I get it. I don’t think I will take it that far but I am considering taking a motorcycle course so that I can learn how to ride myself.

The Imperial Beach sand castle competition happened this weekend and I remembered just as the Coronado Bridge dumped us onto 4th Street. At a stop light I asked Aaron if he minded driving down the Silver Strand so we could have a look. I have never driven past Fiddler’s Cove so observing South Bay to my left—industrious and trailer- Park lined, and the pacific to my right was quite the experience. It amazes me how different Imperial Beach and Coronado are when they are such close neighbors. It’s almost a culture shock from the upscale sweater around the neck type people of Coronado to the gritty truthfulness of I.B.

The Sand castle celebratory street fair was just wrapping up when we found a parking space. The sun was low in the sky surrounded by clouds, its light peeking out from the bottom in that Jesus way, the kind of look you see in inspirational ads on Sunday school walls.

We walked over to the pier to watch the sunset. The pier was heavy with foot traffic, mostly drunken teens in short shorts and smeared eye make-up. Leaning against the pier’s entrance was a pretty transgendered gal with a Marilyn Monroe piercing, fake eyelashes, and a half-shirt talking up a young baggy-shorted guy. Everywhere were Fishermen with bait guts at their feet. From off the pier I saw three dolphins and two preteens riding waves with the effortlessness of seasoned pros.

In front of us a stocky women in a thong held the hand of her boyfriend. With each shift of her leg you could see an interesting tan line. I couldn’t help staring. With every step she took I saw tan, white, tan, white, like one of those patterned necklaces I used to make at day camp as child.

“This is way better than Coronado.” I told Aaron. “The people watching is incomparable!”

We walked down the beach in hopes of viewing some professional looking Sand castles, only to learn that the sand castle building would be taking place the following day. It was getting dark so we decided to head back for dinner plans in Coronado

Back on the street, we saw tons of cops stomping down the street in a line. “Get on the sidewalk!” one of them growled at me, “The street fair is packing up. We need to clear the area.”

I have never seen that many cops in one place.

On the drive back the sky was bruised purple. Cars whooshed past. The sound of the ocean was therapeutic. I thought for a moment that the lull would put me to sleep and I would let go and fall right off which reminded me of a shirt I had once seen on a biker that read “if you can read this, the Bitch fell off!” I didn’t want to be the Bitch so I gripped around Aaron’s stomach tightly.

Coronado was as to be expected, bustling with tourist with happy expectations for their evening. We peered in store windows and laughed at the zebra print Coronado shirt a chubby southerner in pink sweat pants was wearing. We settled for an upscale Mexican place which served overpriced burritos to the sound of live music. I sort of wished we had stayed in IB but it was too late now. I enjoyed my margarita as we discussed the usual--the kids and work, politics, and family. On the way home while driving over the bridge from the back of Aaron’s motorcycle I gasped, over the San Diego skyline the sky was lit up by fireworks. It was the greatest way to end the evening.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fishtail braid how-to

I'm kind of obsessed with Free People clothing. I have been since I was about 16. I love their bohemian dresses and shoes. I wish I owned everything in both of these photos (minus the fishnet dress)

Lately Free People has given me more reason to love them. First they started carrying my good friend Kylie's amazing jewlery and now they have finally taught me how to do Amelia's hair in a super cool way, check it out fishtail braid how-to!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Love my Mom

In a recent post over at Zelda Lily I mentioned that when I was a kid I would sarcastically demand my mom pull over at adult bookstores whenever we drove past one.  In response, About three hours later my mom sent me this via her phone :
She saw the billboard on the freeway and thought of me.  My mom is hilarious.