Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Words that should be removed from the English vocabulary

Load and pile, every time I hear either of these words I automatically think of shit. Seriously, it doesn’t matter if someone says I have a pile of paperwork to get done or a load of laundry to do I think of poop. These words are constantly distracting me. I mostly blame this on my brother.

Moist. For the love of God cease the use of this word. Nothing good can come of using moist in a sentence. Think of the nasty visuals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moist needs to stay within the realms of Monistat, diaper rash, and summer’s eve commercials.

However……people that use the word however are boring sycophants!!

Shall……come on people!!!! Shall = obnoxious unless your using it in a sarcastic way

Brain. Obviously from time to time this word needs to be said because well a brain is a brain and there really is no word to substitute in for it but that doesn’t stop me from disliking it. It’s such an ugly word. There is nothing pretty or eloquent in the placement of these letters or the sound it makes coming out of one’s mouth. It’s harsh and ugly. Brain is especially disturbing when it has an s on the end. Brains is by far my least favorite word.

Words that should be used more often:

Fantastic, fabulous, spectacular, calamity (love this word!), culprit, metropolitan, lewd, sycophant, and chaos