Monday, October 23, 2006

Amelia is a grump

Aaron is gone on one of his diving adventures this week leaving me alone with the three little munchkins. Today consisted of free admission and birthday cake at my kids playhouse, a doctors appointment for Andrew, and afterwards a trip to the golden arches for dinner. After Andrew's appointment the nurse commented on how fabulously behaved my children are. They are always wowing medical personnel with their ability to sit still and quietly for extended periods of time. Now if only they could do the same during other social situations. They are an ornery bunch.

Today at my Kid's clubhouse (it's a play land for toddlers) Amelia thought that everything was hers. Her view of the world is simple: Everything is there for her and other people have no business touching her things. It would be hilarious if she weren;t my daughter. It was one melt down after another. There was a kid playing in the fire truck she wanted to play in, there was a girl pushing a shopping cart she wanted, and then there was the kid who had the audacity to ride on the horse she had her eye on. All of these children recieved Amelia's wrath. She growled and screamed and pointed rudely with her chubby fingers. For her it was tragic while for me it was downright embarrassing.

She spent the first half hour yelling at other children while I received a ton of dirty looks. Did I allow her to get away with this behavior? No. Did it continue despite her getting in trouble over and over again? Yes. Finally a little boy refused to acknowledge her shrieks of rage and persisted on playing with and near her. This was perplexing to Amelia yet oddly calming. After that there was no more growling. Who knew that one little trail blazing 3 year old was the answer to my problems? Perhaps she is cured. I can only hope.

Andrew's doctor's appointment was slightly discouraging. His hearing has not improved and our option appears to be a hearing aid. We have a follow up with his ENT and perhaps this doctor may have another surgical option. I asked if we could get one that is barely visible but apparently for young kids they use those chunky flesh colored ones. They also have colorful ones because everyone wants an enormous green hearing aid (it's like a kick me sign!). My concern is that he will be labeled the weird hearing aid kid. As of now he has a very audible speech delay. Somehow he has managed to fit in really well at school, mostly by being the funny kid. He is well liked and rarely ever bullied or teased about his voice. Sometimes kids will say "you talk funny" to which Andrew will follow with some sort of joke that will make the kid laugh. If he has gotten by so far without being teased I doubt a hearing aid will make any difference. We'll see. Maybe I will teach him some hearing aid jokes or something.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pumpkins and poo

This weekend was our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch. It was like a million degrees outside. We went to Oma's pumpkin patch.

We went on a wagon ride that had nothing at all to do with pumpkins and everything to do with the smelly cows inhabiting the diary farm that houses the pumpkin patch. When I think of wagon rides I picture denim jackets, rosy cheeks, and camp fires. Instead we got sweaty pits, the smell of manure, and cows standing in poop. It was a fragrant ride to say the least.

The boys would not stop talking about poo and butts. Over and over again it was:

"whoa, look at all that poo!"
"That cow is taking a poo!"
"That cow is standing in poo!"
"Look at all their cow butts!"
and my favorite:
"That cow must have a lot of milk!"

They were mesmerized. To make matters worse, the driver stopped the ride to hop out and give us a nice informative history of the farm. He explained that the methane released by their cow's waste generates all the electrical power on the farm.

It has been a week since our pumpkin patch adventure and Jacob will not stop talking about it.

"can we do that at our house, use poo for electricity".

Andrew will no longer eat butter because he learned that the butter we buy from costco is made on what he calls "that poo farm." Aaron's grandparents are Diary farmers. they would not be proud!

speaking of butts!

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

My Amelia

Two years ago today Amelia was born.

She was tiny with a full head of black hair. Everything about her was miniature, her hands, her toes, and her tiny little nose. We were not expecting her so early so nothing was ready.

I had driven myself to the hospital the day before telling Aaron it was nothing, maybe a bladder infection and that I would be home in an hour. Upon arriving at the hospital I learned that I was 4 cm dilated and ready to have the baby. You would think that after going through labor 2 previous times I would be able to tell the difference between a bladder infection and contractions!

I can remember being so angry at first thinking about how I had done everything right. I had eaten right, taken my vitamins, gone to every one of my 8 million doctor appointments, so why was I in early labor?? I got over that quickly and embraced the idea that I was finally going to meet my daughter. Aaron and I named her only a few short hours before her birth. He was firm on Sarah and I was firm on Amelia. Neither of us were budging. We both agreed that Sarah Amelia had a better ring then Amelia Sarah but that we would call her Amelia until she decided otherwise.

Now Amelia is two with a full head of white blonde hair. She loves shoes and is partial to the color yellow. She loves books, her little red tricycle, and her brothers most of all. I can't imagine life without her.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant. I called Aaron first and then Nicole. We were all shocked. I couldn't imagine taking care of three kids and starting all over with another baby. I was overwhelmed.

I learned to love being pregnant with Amelia. After the morning sickness wore off I started to enjoy my big round belly and the trendy maternity styles (you should've seen the clothes they made back in 99 when I was pregnant with Andrew!). I loved being pregnant with Nicole. It's pretty amazing to share pregnancy with a girlfriend especially when miraculously even though our due dates were 7 weeks apart we managed to deliver within two days of each other (she was 2 weeks late and I was 5 weeks early).

During our pregnancy, I remember sitting outside our houses under Molly's palm tree almost daily in beach chairs watching the kids play. Nicole would always have a plate of cheese and crackers or huge chunks of watermelon and I would have a whole cucumber sliced with a bowl of ranch. I would always manage to get food on my big round belly. Molly would sit with us and tell stories about the early days with her three kids. I was nervous about the whole three kid thing but somehow I managed. I learned that going from two kids to three wasn't so bad. Everything came easier the third time around.

My favorite thing about Amelia is the way she laughs. she tilts her head back and lets out these infectious little giggles. She's tough too. She's the kind of girl I expected having. She's girly but not wimpy. She likes to play in dirt but at the same time wants to look cute while getting messy. At the park she finds the most daring, scary, thing for a two year old to do and goes for it. She's my kind of girl!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Sarah Amelia!