Sunday, March 11, 2007

a real tear jerker

Today I spent entirely too much time at the mall. I was on the hunt for wedding clothes for my sister's big day. It is all very exciting and I'm so happy for her. She is such a great girl, totally Hilarious, charming, and completely brilliant. Her hubby to be is very cool , great with my kids, and most importantly able to tolerate my sister, which says a lot. The Feely ladies are tough women to put up with but well worth it! We have horrendous tempers and the tendency to be just plain mean. Aaron could tell you stories; lots of them.

Brian, my future brother in law, is a Mormon. Well He isn't mormon anymore but his 6siblings and parents are. I am sure they are praying their little mormon hearts out over the upcoming neptuilas of There heathen son and wife to be. I like to Ask Michelle all sorts of intrusive questions, like if she will be forced to wear garmies (those oh so Flattering Mormon underwear things that go down to the ankle and are to be worn at all times. I think they have like locks). Also, I like to aske whether or not she will be going door to door with the book or Mormon sporting her garmies and unflattering shoes.

No matter how funny I think I am being Michelle is usually not very amused. She reminds me that Brian is no longer Mormon, and how would I like to be clumped together with the Catholics due to family association. Point made, but that doesn't mean I am taking out the part about her weatring garmies in my maid of honor toast.

The boys were not excited about being at the mall today especially when it turned out to be such a beautiful day! There was lots of grumbling and belly aching about why we had to go shopping and blah, blah, grumble, grumble. However, I managed to get almost everything that was requested by my big sis.

First up were the boys outfits: green linen pants (far cuter then they sound) and white polo shirts, which had to be Ralph Lauren. Michelle has a Ralph Lauren obsession. I also picked up the cute pink and white seersucker flower girl dress (also, ralph lauren of course!).

I wasn't able to get my bridesmaid dress. There was no way I was going to able to squeeze myself into the size 2 dress and the only other size was a zero. I need to do sit ups or stop eating Girl Scout cookies, one or the other, or both.

I bribed the boys into cooperating during the tiresome shopping excursion with Burger king. Andrew refused to get a kids meal

"Mom I'm 8!" he scowled.

I was shocked, seriously shocked. It was one of those mom moments where you realize that your kid is officially a big kid. If it had been a movie there would be a really cheesey song playing in the background. I started to get a little teary right there in the middle of grease infested Burger king. It wasn't exactly the mother-son moment I imagined being a real tear jerker. All the same it was a moment. I will always remember when Andrew gave up kids meals. Only in America would the kid's meal moment be right up there with losing the first tooth. It's slightly disgusting. This is where I am going to add the part about how we rarely eat fast food, which is true. Believe it despite my tears in burger king.

The dress Amelia will be sporting as flower girl:

My dress:

My sister has good taste!