Friday, September 23, 2011

Useless Information

1.  I am currently reading Lolita and I find it highly disturbing,  mostly because I am a firm believer that all fiction is based on some piece of the author's true self.

2. Nabokov was a synesthete.  I wish I were one too.

3.  Aaron claims that he is a synesthete too because he can see sounds.  "Kind of like being on acid." he told me.  I don't believe it mostly becasue I am jealous.   

4.  Ciao Bella's Key lime ice cream sandwiches are the best thing in the world.

5. I would very much so like to own a pair of kelly green jeans.  I might be too old to pull something like that off but I do not care.

6. I almost died today when my car fish tailed due to the rain.  It nearly skidded off a cliff on the 163 on ramp.  While it was happening all I could think about was that my floral bra clashed with my tie dyed underwear. Stupid.

7.  The parrots that once hung out in my neighborhood have come back. Despite the fact that I hate birds I thoroughly enjoy seeing them.

8.  I want a pug for my Birthday.  feel free to purchase one for me.

9.  I am in charge of the school newspaper at the kids school.  It is so much fun!

10.  When I walk into our neighborhood library, I get goosebumps.  It's kind of feels like being in love.  A few days ago I checked out The Complete Fairytales of Oscar Wilde for Amelia and a kids short story book for the boys that featured Johnathan Safran Foer. It's the little things in life that make me happy.

11. I am, yet again, attempting to become a vegetarian.  Today I ate two ice cream sandwiches and some chips.  I am not proud of my choices.  I need to eat more veggies!

12.  I am writing a novel based on my life as a teenager.   I know that sounds ridiculous. It might be, yet, everyday I force myself to work on it for at least one hour. If it ends up being a  waste of time at least it was a fun waste of time.

13.  I love the Zooey Deschanel has a sitcom.

14. I have replaced my crush on the Mentalist's Simon Baker with Dax Shepard from Parenthood.  I have a thing for blue-eyed blonds.  I am married to one.