Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I like to brag about my brother

I think I have mentioned a few times that my brother is a cooking god.  For furthur proof check out his yelp reviews.   Needless to say,  I eat well when I visit him:
My Bro knows how to cook 

Sometimes I get a little project crazy

This week has been my craft week.  It all started with some innocent web browsing on etsy.  I love looking at the art work on there.  I came across a really cute watercolor of a little girl. I decided to print it out and attempt to teach myself how to draw profiles:

Here is my shabby attempt:

 After realizing that it would take weeks to prefect drawing profiles I moved on to something else.

I came across a cute elephant print and some boombox inspired prints. I decided to recreate them with my own twist. Here is the sketching stage:

Since becoming a mom I haven’t had time to sketch or paint so I have zero supplies. I actually had to use leftover spray paint and wall paint with magic marker to create these pieces. I like how they turned out but think next time I will buy some acrylics or oils.
After finishing these two, I had one more canvas left. I used my favorite plate as inspiration and made a little city scene painting. I think it looks like a 3rd grader made it. Still I like it. The boys were super excited about the new look of their room and Amelia loves her Elephant painting.

Stuffed animal heads

This week is my spring break which means zero conjugating of verbs, no mathematical calculations, and absolutely no reason what so ever to bathe regularly. I had big plans of lounging at the beach with a book, spending my days leisurely strolling through Balboa Park's museums, and writing at cute Gaslmap Quarter cafes.

Instead I have a sick child, one that has been keeping me awake for the last couple of nights, and one whose puke I have been cleaning up after. There have been no art museums. But I am not complaining because I managed to finish my online Spanish homework. More importantly, I tackled a whole bunch of fun craft projects. My week at home with a sick kid may have been just as fun as what I envisioned, minus the smell of vomit.

While in San Francisco over Thanksgiving break I came across this:

I have been dying to attempt making one myself.  That's what I spent Tuesday afternoon doing.  I am happy with the results.  I made a little lamb for Amelia, a dragon for the boys, and a storm trooper. 

How to make mounted stuffed animal heads:

1. Find a stuffed animal, decapitate it.

2. Sew its head back up so that the stuffing isn't spilling out

3. Buy a wood mount from a craft store or a stretched canvas

4. Paint the mount or leave it with its natural wood color or canvas color

5. If the stuffed animal has a light head glue it onto the mount using a hot glue gun,

If its head is too heavy sew it on (you can only sew it on if you use canvas).  At first I hot glued the dragon head but it fell off due to its weight. I had to sew it on to the canvas. It was pretty difficult to sew through the canvas. You have to use a thick needle and you can't skimp with cheap thread. To make the storm trooper mask I simply took apart one of the boys toys and stuck mounting wire through it to secure to the wall.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shart face

I overheard the following conversation between Andrew and Jacob while they were putting together a Lego spaceship in the living room,

Jacob: "Number 4 is diarrhea."

Andrew:"No, #3 is Diarrhea! There aren't 4 different levels of pooing!"

Jacob: "It goes like this , #1 pee, #2 poo, #3 Sharts, #4 diarrhea."

Andrew:"What does shart mean?"

Jacob:" A poo fart."

Andrew: "Oh, those are the worst! I had to throw my underwear away in the bathroom at school once because of one of those."

Welcome to my sometimes disgusting world of raising boys!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Summer wish list

Things I want to buy Amelia:

I really love Target's new Liberty of London line.  The clothes are really fun and flirty.  The women's line is cute but  I especailly adore their little girl items.  There is a Target right by my school and I find myself roaming it's aisles during the 45 minutes I have between dropping the kids off at school and the beginning of my Spanish class. The other day I bought Amelia the bikini pictured above.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to use every ounce of my self control to obstain from filling my cart with summer dresses and other items from the Liberty of London line.  They also have dinnerware and super cute little tea cups and pots.  If I had money to burn I would buy just about everything they offer. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Doodle much?

This could be the possible reason behind my subpar grades in espanol:

I am way too busy doodling to pay attention.  At age 12 my doodling habit may have been viewed as quirky and charming.  At age 31 it may be just plain weird to draw snake-tree ladies in my binder.   Whatever.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I miss thrift stores

I'm kind of addicted to thrift stores but haven't been able to get my usual fix due to my shitastic Spanish class that is all consuming.  I really want to be one of those people that has a functioning brain capable of retaining information like what sweatshirt and jogging pants translate to in spanish. I am just not that person. 

Anyway, this week we had the most amazing weather and I was able to to dig out my summer clothes. Among the pile of shorts and tank tops were my favorite thrifted dresses.  I wore this yesterday.  I realize that having my nine year old son take a picture of me wearing my favorite dress to post on my blog is probably super cheesey.  I don't care. I love this dress.
I kind of like that I have an angry face paired with cop glasses.  The end.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I should be studying

I was highly disappointed in the gown choices at this year's Oscars.  It was all so boring.  Normally I devote a blog entry to my favorites but I didn't love anyone's dress. 

This isn't an oscar dress.  This is What Kristen Stewart wore to the premiere of the Runaways.  I think she looks amazing.  Normally she looks like a dirty high school kid on acid.  I really believe this is a huge step up for her.  I love it!  Now back to the boredom of studying for my Spanish final.