Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wish List

All I want for christmas this year are books and magazine subscriptions. I am a dork

American Girl Doll Envy

I bought Amelia an American Girl doll for Christmas. It was ridiculously expensive. I actually feel a little bit sick over the amount of money I spent on it. She has wanted one for a couple of years now. Nearly all of the girl's in Amelia's class have one of the dolls. Our neighbor girl has every single one. I'm not exaggerating. She has all of them--nine in total.

In elementary school my best friend Emily had the Samantha American girl. I can remember being extremely envious. I was always envious of Emily. She had those Espirit school bags in just about every color and had an enormous tortoise that wandered around her house. I remember once expressing my Emily envy to my mom who responded with, "She is an only child,” as if that were a good enough reason for all her fancy things.

Come Christmas morning Amelia will be the proud owner of Kit, the America girl doll that looks the most like her. I hope she loves it as much as the 8-year-old me would have.