Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just last week while at dinner with friends we discussed doppelgangers. I told my friend Shelby that her husband looks like Joaquin Phoenix minus the cleft lip, while my hubby looks like River. We laughed stupidly over the hilariority that our husbands are celebrity brothers. Who knows maybe there is money in it? Maybe we can force them to attend parties or enter look alike contests for cash.

Aaron gets the "You look like River Phoenix!" all the time. He loves it and wallows in it pridefully. We used to frequent this Italian restaurant in our neighborhood (until a cockroach scuttled across the table) where the waitress was obsessed with him. I think she probably had River Phoenix posters plastered in her bedroom at some point in her life. Whenever I would get up to use the bathroom, or refill my drink she would hover over our table and laugh that tilted head annoying laugh that women do when they are trying to look cute but instead it just looks needy. It annoyed the crap out of me. "You do realize that River phoenix wasn't even remotely attractive." I tell Aaron after the fawning waitress leaves. "How old do you think she is?" Aaron thinks it's funny when I get territorial.

Anyway, back to doppelgangers, on facebook some of my friends have changed their profile pictures to their celebrity look alikes. It's interesting to see who people think they look like. Truth be told there is only one celebrity I have been told I resemble more than once and it is Naomi Watts. Naomi watts cleans up well but she is kind of haggard looking in real life. I think I kind of do resemble the hagarded non-glam Naomi watts. We are both butt ass white and have long faces and should probably always wear make-up.

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