Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good ole Costco

 Today at Costco while deliberating between the box of 84 Tampax pearls or the 96 count box of Playtex easyglides, Jacob spotted the second grade teacher from his school. "Hey Mrs. Mangini!" He yelled. Before I had time to drop the humongous box of tampons that was bigger than my face she and her husband rounded the corner of my aisle. All I could do was wave while balancing a package of easy glides in my other hand.

Normally, I am sure her and her adorable husband would've stopped to chat for a second but they gave me a look as if to say, "how humiliating for you." and politely continued on with their cart.

"Is this the moment you are going to think of every time you see me from now ON," I jokingly shouted after them.

 "Uh-huh," she laughed "but I promise not to tell the other parents."

I wanted to say "at least you know who to borrow a tampon from if you ever need one!" But thought that might be a little too much. After all, she is Lutheran and she did grow up in the Midwest.

Of all the teachers at our kid’s school I'm glad it was Mrs. Manigi who spotted me with a mega pack of tampax. If it had been anyone else it would have been way more humiliating.

P.S. In case your wondering I went with the tampax pearls
P.S.S.  I do realize that this is my third blog written soley about tampons

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