Monday, January 4, 2010

Nothing really

A couple of things

1.  I gained three pounds in December, and lost 2 so far in January.  All I really want to do is eat an enormous bar of chocolate right now.   Instead I am chugging green tea. The two are not even close to being comparable

2.I have about three weeks of freedom before school starts up for me again.  My plan is to write a ton before being weighed down with a spanish and Math class.  I am on track to transfer by next year to San Marcos. 
3.   For my 31st birthday I want to spend the afternoon at the tidepools with my family followed by a dinner party with friends here: Venetian and drinks at my new favorite bar here: Small Bar

4.  I watched Julie and Julia last night and really loved  it but Couldn't help feeling an intense jealousy for Julie Powell.  I want a popular Blog, a book deal, and Amy Adams to play me in a movie!

5. I really love this photo I took of Amelia this weekend:

The end

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