Monday, February 1, 2010

500 days of summer

  Aaron has been out of town a ton lately leaving me to fend for myself with a house full of little people that demand things like food and water. The boys had a basketball tournament this weekend which required me to drive back and forth all over the place and attend a handful of their action packed games.

My boys play in a Lutheran league at their school. By nature Lutherans are a very proud and unassuming group of people. Where most babsketball games have a high sprited crowd, lutherans like to keep things low key, so much so that at times all you can hear are the grunts of the players and the sound of the ball being bounced.  There is only one parent who frowns in the face of Lutheran etiquette.  I make it a habit to take my seat right next her at every game. 

 Andrew's teammate Russ has a mom who is so tiny I swear she could fit in my pocket. She is by far the most hilarious person to be around at a sporting event. She screams and yells the entire time. It's absolutely hysterical. The gym will be dead quiet and she will be screaming "No! What are doing? Pass the ball!".  The best thing she does, that always makes me laugh so hard I almost cry,  is that when the other team misses a basket she screams "Yes!" and claps madly while people from the other team stare at her with their mouths gaping open.  Her husband calls her a screamer, which kind of creeps me out. 

All of this is normal behavior at a sporting event but amongst the parents of ten-year-old Lutherans, with their midwestern calmness, it’s rare to find anyone as cut throat and enthusastic as Russ's mom.  She definitely sticks out.  You should see the looks the parents from the other teams give her. I love the inappropriateness of her.

Anyway, apart from the basketball stuff we have had a low key weekend. I watched three payperview movies. The invention of lying (so dumb!), Harry Potter (good!), and 500 days of summer (fantastic). I love Zooey Deschanel. I think she is adorable. I wish i could steal her face and plant it over mine.  She has this jazzy little singing voice and she makes me laugh more than any other cast member in Weeds.

500 Nights of Summer was awesome. It made me remember those young love moments where a guy totally crushed my heart into tiny little pieces.  It reminded me of those times I wallowed in a pathetic hole of post break-up grief dissecting to death what personality flaw of mine my ex-boyfriend hated so much. 

It was funny and cute and not too sugary-sappy like most romantic comedies. But most of all I loved it for Zooey Deschanel's clothes. I want every single thing she wore in that film. I want all her vintage dresses and cute hair bows and headbands.  I feel like going out and adding way more pale blue pieces to by wardrobe! Also I want Aaron to wear old man cardigans and vintage ties paired with pumas the way Joseph Gordon-Levitt did. 

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