Monday, January 18, 2010

The Golden Globes

You know how some people have a thing for porn, like they go nuts for the stuff; well award shows are kind of like my porn only not in a creepy way. I love them. I love the red carpet arrivals, the awkward interviews, the needlessly shallow questions, I love the scripted lines that some actors deliver in a robotic manner. I love the humor that no one laughs at, I love the jokes and jabs and the general cheesiness of the whole entire spectacle. Above all, I love watching the moment that someone’s artistic dreams come true. Whether it is a writer, a musician, or a fresh new actor, or someone who has won countless awards, I love seeing art being rewarded.

Aaron doesn’t get it. He had the nerve to place his computer on his lap and browse the web during the Golden Globes. It's moments like these where I think we need to reevaluate our relationship.

While he was googling local real estate I paused the live recording when Cameron Diaz walked on stage. I turned to him and said "Babe, that's the dress!"

"Huh?" he mumbled not even bothering to look up.

"It’s my favorite of the evening."

He glanced up and noded.

"it's red." He offered

Luckily Amelia loves the gowns almost as much as I do. It’s just all the talking she does during the show that irks me. I have faith that soon she will be old enough to become an award show junkie like me. One day she will watch in silent wonder only to speak when someone has a really amazing dress.

During award shows I like to offer tips for her future like "Amelia, strapless gowns only work if you have impeccable posture and a Peter Pan like figure. "Keep that in mind for prom." From the couch I can hear Aaron stifle a laugh.

“what!?” I say “she’s never too young to learn what not to wear!”

The following is my favorite golden globe moment:

Meryl Streep is so classy

My favortie dresses:

I love that Julia roberts wore something non traditonal like this short dress and chunky necklace.  I love how effortlessly chic it is.

I am not a huge fan of the fishtail effect but apart from that this dress is so pretty

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