Friday, January 8, 2010

From the mouths of babes

Every single day Amelia is filled with the most amazing and hilarious life observations. Here are just a few from today:

“Mom, listen to my shoes. They sound just like moroccas!” She tells me while clicking the heels of her glittery pink dress shoes together

“Why are oranges called oranges? A fruit shouldn’t be called a color! Bananas aren’t yellows!” she asks

When I say, “Who do you think first had the job of naming all those fruits and veggies anyway? What a cool job!”

She uses the tone she takes when she thinks I am being stupid, “Jesus named all the fruit. I think he named the orange last. He was tired of thinking up fruit names. “

Later today, When stopped at a red light she says “I see Aliens!”

“Aliens?” I ask.

“They are right there in the white car!” She points out our sticker smeared truck window.

“You mean those people in the car?”

“No mom not them, the ALIENS! Not mean aliens, the good aliens that help people. “

“You know Aliens aren’t real Amelia. There is no such thing.”

By now she is frustrated and says in an exasperated tone “Mom, remember when you said you heard aliens, well they are right there in that white car.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”  I say,  starting to worry that my daughter might be slightly crazy

“Mom!" Aliens are REALLLLL!” she insists

“Oh….do you mean ambulance?” I ask noticing one two lanes over

“That’s what I said ...aliens.”

“No, it's am-bu-lance.” I repeat annunciating this time.

“I know! A-LI-ENS! The good kinds not the ones in space.” By now she is really annoyed with me.

I drop it because I know an explanation will undoubtly cause tears. I'm not in the mood.  Hopefully by the time 1st grade rolls around she will get that ambulance and aliens are two very different words. I really don't want her teachers thinking that I hear aleins! 
This is the face she makes when she is disgruntled (which happens kind of a lot).

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