Saturday, January 2, 2010

Don't you wish your husband was as hot as mine?

Aaron took the boys surfing this morning.  I spent the early hours of my day leisurely sipping coffee, surfing the web, folding clothes, having a princess themed tea party with Amelia, and watching reruns of cold case.  It was awesome. 

Then the boys came home. From my bedrom I could hear them clattering excitedly up the stairs.  Andrew and Jacob busted into my bedroom and shouted "Dad lost a tooth."  They were giggling hysterically and awaiting my reaction.  I sighed and asked if it was a front tooth.  Of course it was.

 "He looks like a hillbilly." Andrew told me. 

I went downstairs to have a look for myself.  Sure enough, Andrew was right.  My husband looks like a banjo player for a Ketucky blue grass band. 

"If you don't get that fixed, we're over." I told him

He just laughed.  Apparently he doesn't believe me. 

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