Sunday, January 17, 2010

My best friend's baby

On Friday evening Griffin Daniel  leisurely made his way into the world. He had been brewing inside his mom's womb for a week and half past his due date! The nerve of that baby!

Nicole called me at 8ish that morning and asked casually "What are you doing?"

I knew she was in labor due to two facts:

1. She would never call my house that early under any other circumstance.
2. I could hear pure happiness in her voice.

All day long I waited in a stunted state of suspense. I called her like five times. I am annoying and should've probably left her alone considering that she was IN LABOR! I couldn't help myself. I am not a patient person. I even called our friend Kelly and demanded that she call Nicole to see if the baby had been born yet. At like 6 o'clock I finally got a text that said "It's a boy!" I relayed the news to my family who were comfortably seated next to me in the corner booth of our local pizza joint.

"Yay!" the boys shouted.

I got to hold the little peanut on Saturday afternoon. He is the cutest, sweetest, little baby of all time. You know how most newborns are creepy and alien like (okay maybe most people don't think that but I do. Newborns are creepy looking!), well Griffin isn't. He has a prefect round head and adorable little heart shaped lips, and tiny pretty eyelashes. I totally love him and cannot wait to watch him grow up and form his own unique little personality.

Welcome to the world Griffin!
(stolen picture from the little guys grandma)

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Nicole said...

Awww, a post all about us! I feel special!