Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Weekend in pictures

Friday afternoon Amelia and I ate at Bay Park Fish Market because it is sooo good. Amelia ordered a lemon-aid almost as big as her torso along with cheese quesadillas (boring) while I opted for an eel roll. The bathroom at this place is amazing. I should've taken a photo.

Saturday we all went on a 14 mile bike ride like the one I wrote about here, only it wasn't as terrible as I remembered it being back then.  I must've been disgustingly lazy in my early twenties.
Afterward we ate our weight in poorly put together pizza from luigis (my family thinks it's good but they did not grow up in chicago therefore they are clueless as to what good pizza really is)
On Sunday (today)we drove around looking at the four bedroom homes that are in our price range followed by a family trip to Costco where for once in his life Aaron did not buy anything insane in bulk size.  We lazily spent the rest of the day at home drving each other insane. The end! 

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