Saturday, October 3, 2009

Amelia Birthday letter number 5

You are 5; five-years-old already. You told me that next year you will be 6 but after that you will not be 7, 8,or 9. You will stay six forever. You don't want to go to kindergarten or ever have homework like the boys. Instead you will be little forever. I am okay with the idea of you being small forever. My friend Jessica asked you if you have a magic pill for that sort of thing because she would like one. This annoyed you and you rolled your eyes at her as if to say "You are an idiot! I am the only one allowed to stay the same age forever because I am awesome, and you are not!"

The fact that you are the oldest kid in your preschool class makes you very happy. You like to rub it in. Last week you had two of your friends over and told them "Soon I will be five and you will still be 4!" I had to talk to you about kindness and bragging. Whenever I talk to you about these kind of things you make a face like this:

Right now your major interests include, play-doh, you have the ability to sit at the kitchen table fro hours playing with play-doh. You also love to make books. You have me staple white sheets of paper together and you draw pictures on every page. You dictate what you would like me to write on them. You love to ride your bike and think it's pretty rad that you are the only one in your class that can ride a two-wheeler. Lastly you love littlest pet shop toys. When you play with them you create little worlds for them with love and conflict. You are highly creative and I love that about you. You have a great imagination.

You have a small crush on a boy named Marco. He is in the second grade and has a full head of brown curls. You draw pictures for him and bravely, unabashedly give them to him. His face always turns bright red when you do this. You follow him around after school and wave at him. It's cute but has me a little concerned that you will be one of those girls that has posters of boy band members all over your room. I like the fact that you are brave about your crushes because I never was. I was always awkward and would stare down at the ground whenever I was in the presence of a boy I had a crush on. I like your confidence.

When I found out that I was having a girl I hoped most of all that I would do a good job in making sure you had confidence. As a kid I had terribly low self esteem. I even named you Amelia after Amelia Earhart who was a brave and strong woman. I think you are living up to your name. I am proud of your strength and confidence. I am so very blessed to have you in my life.

Happy Birthday Amelia!


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