Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weaker than your Grandma

I over it did it on the stairs today. We have these stairs, on the other side of town, right past the grocery store and surrounded by eucalyptus trees; they go straight up. They are mountainous-monster stairs!

I went up and down them 5 times today. That may not seem like much ....but I walked up and down the stairs for 30 whole mintues!

It's all because of the 50-year-old woman with her weights . Seriously, home girl carried 5 pound weights in each hand while she maneuvered the stairs without breaking a sweat. She was like a machine! 

After two rounds of walking up and down I thought I might die. I am not in terrible shape either. I should be able to out stair any, and all 50-year- old women, with the exception of Susan Sarandon who is unnaturally amazing for her age. You'd think having a 20 year advantage I could over take Grandma with her weights. I couldn't.  Because she continued to walk up and down without showing the slightest signs of fatigue I felt the need to really push myself.

Granny insisted on making small talk when we passed one another. Little conversational gems like "Wow, it looks like it may rain." and "The air is so crisp today." I would nod and fake smile while inwardly hating her. It was ridiculous.

Grandma definitely lowered my self worth today. The walk home was rough. It felt like my knees were rubber. I will  be  paying for this in the days to come.

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