Monday, September 28, 2009

The best of the best

I am in love with all the angry comments I recieved from my reader article.  Seriously, they are comedic gems.  Also, I think criticism is a writer's greatest gift.  So in celebration of angry readers across San Diego I present you with the top five greatest comments:

1. DEAR SIOBHAN, (who names there kid siobhan anyway?} Hit the road, your not welcome here, this short comment provided by your local local. 

2.Please do us all a favor.....move back to the Midwest where you can enjoy your Old Milwaukee and baseball. We have too many like you already. In fact take a few back with you.....ok?  Thanks!

3. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM! Seriously. Nobody is twisting your arm trying to get you to stay. GET THE F*#& OUT!

4. I will take this opportunity to warn her that some passages come dangerously close to being much too passive (command your passages, don't allow them to command you).

5. What's up with the READER placing this waste of space on the front page......???
How about hiring some decent writers to do some real stories....?


archshrk said...

Those are some great comments. Just whatever you do, don't respond.

Siobhan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.