Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin patch visit from hell

I think that we missed the divine message last week when we rolled up to a closed pumpkin patch. That message being : "For the love of god do not take your ungrateful children to the pumpkin patch."

Today we trekked out to Bates nut farm. We shouldn't have.

Everything was all fun and dandy until Aaron decided to divvy out $7 per child, handing them over the cash to spend how ever they wanted. "Just decide where and how you want to spend it." he told them.

This caused general displeasure when one kid made a far more awesome choice then the other kid, or when Jake won a cool gun and Andrew didn't, or when Jake decided to not share his massive bag of cotton candy with Andrew. It was a mess; a mess I tell you!

Andrew some how managed to barter a fruit smoothie that was priced at $4 down to his very last $3 which was something Jake hadn't thought of. He was pretty outraged. "you can ask to pay less!" I am pretty sure that now my kids will attempt to barter at normal places like Target or the Gap. This will undoubtedly lead to later embarrassment.

Anyway, the shit really hit the fan when Andrew scored that smoothie. It even had whipped cream, tons of it! There was whining, some full on temper tantrums, and lastly pushing... all steaming back to the stupid smoothie!

It is always a pleasure to be out in public with my children. It did make me feel better that I saw handfuls of children in tears today. It was not only my children. Who knows, maybe their dad also handed them a fistful of cash to spend wisely?


future husband and wife.

On a mission to spend money

Jake pleading for a sip of the evil smoothie

  Andrew bartering the price down. 

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