Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I love thrift shopping

Here are a few of my favorite recently thrifted items:

vintage heels, $1.50 at the thrift store by the san diego airport

boys, Diesel shoes $1, St. John of the cross rummage sale

Amelia's fancy euro mary janes, $2.50 @ St. John of the cross rummage sale. these puppies sell for $45+

other stuff:
H&m shirt for Amelia 95 cents

dress for me $5.95, at the thrift store on El Cajon BLVd off the 15

I love the colorful buttons on the sweater and hearts on the hoodie for Amelia!

More Amelia stuff! I am not a huge fan of the shirt but I bought it because I knew Aaron would love it. The purple peasant skirt is much cuter in real life! The jeans are basic jeans since she has outgrown just about everything!

Stuff the boys picked out:

They are obssessed with both books but especailly the cook book that offers bascially zero healhty options.

Not thrifted but bought on super super sale/ebay:

I obviously didn't buy the kid. That's cute Andrew who was not cooperating when I asked to take his picture! I bought that really ultra soft yellow shirt that is rad in person at nordstrom rack for $5. His pants are sweet in person. They are skinny legged plaid volcom dress pants. I actaully bought them for Jake but Andrew is kind of obsessed with them. I bought them on ebay with two t-shirs and a pair of jeans for a really good deal.

This purse is going to serve as my school bag in the fall. It was around $10 at Marshalls. I have an unhealhty fixation wiht discount stores!

Last but not least, thrifted school clothes. Amelia has to wear a uniform to preschool. Basically she can only wear khaki, red, or blue. It's very boring but luckily she has lots of fun tights, socks, and shoes. I got all of this for under $10.

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