Sunday, July 13, 2008

the hell that is swim suit season

I absolutely detest bathing suit shopping. I have been holding on to the same tattered up worn out suit for a couple of years now despite all the annoying comments over how "maternal" it is. At my sister's beach wedding last year my aunt Esther pulled me aside and whispered "Is that a swim suit or an outfit? What the hell is that? You’re not a fat ass, show a little skin!" It's true, my bathing suit was a total mommy suit. I have seen people wearing less at the grocery store. I hate to say this but it actually had a skirt attached that could've acted as a floatation device.

Anyway, my "mommy" suit has finally bitten the dust. It has become basically unwearable due to dangerously thinning fabric. Today I forced myself to buy a new bathing suit that, gasp, did not have a skirt attached. I have wanted a 1920's style retro bathing suit for years now but have yet to be able to find one for under $200 dollars. Shockingly I was able to find the exact style suit I have been wanting for a complete bargain. I guess that's the pay off for waiting until mid July to purchase a bathing suit! I wanted to buy this one:

But instead settled on this one due to the fact that it was on sale for $29 compared to the $98 the other would have set me back.

Here's hoping the purple pink color will not look alike ass on me and that weird cut out part under the boobs will not scare small children and animals.

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archshrk said...

What a cute suit! I don't know what the color will look like on you, but the style is adorable and unique. I refuse to buy pants and a swim suit until I loose my pregnant shape...when will that be? I'm working on it.