Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'd like an order of butt fries with that

The other day I had a conversation with the boys that I never considered having. While innocently driving to Target I accidentally spaced off and missed the turn. Upon realizing my mistake I turned around in the first driveway we came upon. That driveway was the driveway to pure platinum; a local nudie bar that I had no idea was in the area.

“Why does it say nude?” Andrew asked. Because I have never been one to sugar coat and like to keep things honest with them I just went with it and told him matter a factly that the ladies who worked there were all naked.

The car was dead silent

“You’re joking!!” Jake laughed. “Very funny mom!”

Both of the boys proceeded to laugh their tiny little heads off. They never take me seriously.

“No really,” I assured them. “People go there to see naked ladies.”

The boys were shocked and totally amazed.

“Why is there a naked place?" Andrew asked

"That’s gross!" added Jacob "Do people go there to eat too?”

"I don’t know? Probably." I shrugged “I definitely wouldn’t go in there. Who wants to eat french fries that have been near butts?” I asked

“Eww butt fries, gross.”

And that was that. Now the boys are aware of the seedy world around them. Who knew that the conversation about strip clubs would come at the tender age of 7 and 9?

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