Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Chicago trip was great! It was mostly spent hanging out with my parents and my Aunt Rose. The kids really enjoyed themselves. I signed the boys up for a sports camp which they really loved and Amelia attended a tiny tot camp. Everytime I would pick her up one of the little girls would be playing with her. When I would ask about her new friends she would assure me that she had made no new friends because all of her friends were in San Diego. There were some kids that lived on my parent's street. A little six year old girl waddled out of her house one morning and asked Amelia if she wanted to meet her little sister "NO!" was Amelia's response. Apparently she is uninterested in meeting new people!

When the boys told the kids at camp that they were from California they were immediately the cool kids. Everyone wanted to know if they knew Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers. It was really funny. There was one little blonde girl who was constantly at Jacob's side. I think she thought if she stuck near him the Jonas brothers might show up!

Amelia was very smitten with grandpa. Those two were like two peas in a pod.

She got a big kick out of bossing him around! I am really glad that I was able to spend time with my parents. It was really hard leaving. We were all so glad to see Aaron though. Amelia spent about an hour on the airplane constructing a sticker montage for Daddy. She couldn't wait to see him! It's amazing how time apart made me appreciate and love Aaron that much more.

I miss my parents so much already! The kids really do too. If it were up to them, Jake and Andrew would have us move in with grandma and grandpa! I wish that we could buy a house in western springs right by parents. I think it's the greatest place to raise a family. It's only 20 minutes from downtown Chicago by train or car. The neighborhood is so safe. You see 6 year olds riding their bikes around the neighborhood all by themselves. They have this adorable uptown area with boutiques and restaurants. I love it so much. My parents have been talking about selling the house I grew up in for years now. It's going to be really sad when they do! Here are some pictures!

Amelia and Grandpa at the little red school house, a place that I spent countless elemantary school feild trips as a kid.

Andrew at the park

Jacob at the bowling alley. Andrew thoroughly kicked his ass at bowling which caused way too much anguish. It brought me back to 7 year old me hating my sister for bowling a 110 while I consistently got gutter balls! Poor Jake!

Watching Amelia's ball slowly make it's way to the pins!

teaching grandpa hopscotch

At spring rock aprk, my childhood hang out spot!

hanging with their cousins!

Amelia at Tye Warner park blowing on a dandelion

Saying bye to grandpa

The kids with the grandparents before leaving for the airport. Not the best picture but everyone's in it!

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