Friday, July 18, 2008


We took a really short camping trip this week up to Carlsbad state beach. Normally we camp with friends but this time it was just the family. We had a really, really, great time. The boys hardly fought which is unusual and Amelia was in really good spirits the whole time. I even got to get out in the water to do a little bit of surfing with the boys. I didn't stay out long though because seaweed kept wrapping around my legs and each time I thought for sure it was really a great white brushing against me. I literally thought I was going to die! Every time I get into the ocean I am sure that I will be the victim of a random seal, whale, dolphin, stingray, or large fish attack. Aaron didn’t help matters when he recently told me that he routinely sees dolphins and seals out in the water while he surfs. Seriously, not something I want, nor need, to hear. I am psychotic.

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