Monday, November 9, 2009

Super Bela

On Thursday I thought my dog was going to die. I took her outside for a walk and as soon as we stepped out of the front door she sat down and refused to get up. That's when things started to go downhill. she stopped eating, stopped getting up all together, and was extremely lethargic.

I was able to get her into the vet for a surgery, some IV, and lots of medication. Finally 4 days later, after an insanely large vet bill she is just now starting to behave like the Bela I know and love. Last night she went for a walk, this morning she actually jumped up onto the boys bed, and just an hour ago she resumed eating.

I think, I hope, she will be okay.

Bela was the first gift (if I don't include the flowers Aaron picked for me on the K.U campus) that Aaron ever gave me. She was his Christmas present to me when I was 19. He hide her inside his winter jacket.

Owning a chocolate lab had been my dream since I was a kid so to say that Bela was the greatest christmas gift ever is an understatement. Bela has been around for all the tough times in my life. My pregnancy with Andrew, becoming a mom while my friends were attending keggers and studying for their college courses, my move to San Diego where I had zero friends, the death of loved ones, Martial spats, the birth of all three of my children, and the short stint my father in law spent living with us in our 700 square foot apartment. Bela was a silent witness to all of it.

After my dad died and I spent weeks lying on the coach sobbing, Bela was there. She would cuddle up close to me as if she knew how heavy my sadness was. I am so glad that she is still here. I am not ready to lose her.


Julia said...

So glad Bela is okay. Love the picture!

Siobhan said...

me too, there is nothing like a sudden illness to make you realize how much you love someone or somedog.