Sunday, November 22, 2009

The end of an era

I have been friends with Jessica since the 5th grade. Her family moved in down the block from me when I was ten. The first encounter I had with the Rocco's was when I saw her dad leisurely walking their ferret on a leash down Fair Elms Avenue. I was mesmerized. I had a feeling he would somehow be part of my life.

The first day of fifth grade Jessica wore a glittery batman sweatshirt and faded denim jeans with store bought holes in the knees. At nearly 11 she was a fashionista. I loved her almost immediately. Katie ad Amy, the rulers of the mean girl crowd at my elementary school warned her against me "She only plays with the boys." they told her. Two weeks later Jessica and I had bonded over our mutual love for the New Kids on The Block and our off beat sense of style. We walked home together everyday after school and laughed so hard that we fought back tears. Twenty years later I still love her.

When I moved to Lawrence, Kansas she moved there a year later. After I got married and my son was born she coincidentally ended up in San Diego as well. We have been neighbors for most of our lives.

In two days she is moving back to our old stomping ground. She has decided to brave the Chicago winters once again. It is the end of an era. No longer will I be able to leisurely stop by Rocco's apartment. Despite being Miles and miles apart I know that Jessica and I will remain friends till we are old graying ladies in diapers. That's how we roll. I will miss her.....I'm going to really, really, miss her!

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