Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night I was able to see the Two Gentlemen of Verona at the Old Globe Theatre. I love theatre. When I was a kid I had big dreams of becoming an actress. I took drama lessons at our local playhouse. I adored acting.

My dream of becoming an actress sizzled out when I went through my 14-15 year-old awkward stage. I took drama freshmen year at my stifling Catholic high school. Thanks to bad skin and braces I suffered from cripplingly low self esteem. That year I decided to work stage crew instead of auditioning for a part in my school's play. The following year I didn't even bother taking drama.  When I transferred to public school all the thespians were tight knit and spoke in false english accents. They intimidated me so I didn't even bother joining the drama club. That's when I gave up acting all together.

Last night Andrew was my date to the play. I thought for sure he would hate it, thinking he was far too young for Shakespeare. I was wrong. He loved it and watched wide eyed the whole time. At intermission I told him we could go home if he was bored. he looked at me like I was crazy

"Mom, this is awesome!" he told me.

It was one of those proud parenting moments where i realized that my kid is really, really cool. I'm glad that Andrew's first experience with the theater was a happy one.

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