Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chrissy Seaver

On Monday I shared a leather couch with Ashley Johnson. Who is Ashley Johnson you may ask? I was unsure at first as well. I kept staring at her the way an old classmate might stare at your familiar face half drunk at a seedy bar.

I looked into her perfect complexion and tried to put her face into context. I knew right away that she was an actress. I may not know how to properly reduce fractions or how many ounces make a pound but I sure as heck know my celebrities.

"Are you in a movie?" I asked her

Asking that question is a faux pas. Who knew. Not me.

We were at Milk studios in L.A. Jacob had received a call back for a gap casting he had attended a few weeks back. He was wearing plaid shorts, two layers of t-shirts, and a bright blue wind breaker two sizes two small that the casting director had chosen for him to wear. We were surrounded by pretty children and I was starting to feel insecure. Ashley was there with a blonde woman and a really cute bald baby.

On the car ride home I remembered where I had seen her face. She was in a recent Cold Case episode I had watched.  She was in something else as well. I couldn't remember what.

At home, I googled cold case and came to find out that I shared a coach with Chirssy Seaver, the youngest daughter from growing pains. Had I known that at the time, I probably would've done something ridiculous like sang the Growing Pains theme song or told her about the numerous Kirk Cameron fantasies I had as a girl.

Anyway, long story short she was very lovely and reserved. We made, or actually I made, small talk about the difference in weather from LA to San Diego and how I had ripped my kid out of school to take him on a Gap go see.

That was that. My first celebrity conversation and I have been living in Southern California for over ten years. it's about damn time.

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archshrk said...

What are you supposed to say to a celebrity you happen to sit next to?

"I loved you in..."
"What is so-and-so really like?"
or maybe just cut to the chase and say:
"Dance for me monkey, amuse me!"

Siobhan said...

I think demanding they entertain me is the way to go. Next time I run into a famous person I will ask them to recite my favorite breakfast club lines.