Sunday, November 1, 2009

Because my kid's are sleeping

1. I might very well be the biggest procrastinator that ever walked the earth

2. I really want a yellow house with a white picket fence, a porch swing, and tons of flowers that someone else takes care of.

3. I haven't spoken to my sister in almost 3 months

4. We got into a fight during a family vacation

5. I am too stubborn to say I am is she.  I miss her.

6. I lost 21 lbs this year

7. My dream job is to write for a sitcom

8. I don't like getting older

9. Currently my favorite color is aqua

10. Glen Beck is my least favorite celebrity

11. My daughter loves Miley cyrus and I hate to admit this but I find her music really catchy

12. Whenever I am around my father-in-law I revert to a thirteen year old mean girl. It has gotten worse since my dad past away. it's kind of a problem.  I need to work on kindness. 

13. If someone tells me I can't do something I will prove them wrong almost every time. It's my thing

14. Math hurts my brain

15. It stresses me out to be around people that appear too perfect or too nice.

16. I have a thrift shopping problem that gets a little out of hand at times.

17. This is my new favorite website: polyvore

18. The halloween episode of Community may have been the greatest half hour of television I have ever watched, so funny

19. Every Sunday afternoon I spend 1-2 hours hiking with one of my boys (Jake or Andrew). I look forward to that part of my week.

20. I enjoy having older kids a little more than younger kids. I like that I can carry on conversations with them

21. The baby stage is my least favorite. I prefer three and up

22. I get terrible headaches that only last a minute or so but make me feel like my head might explode. 

23. I dislike when people bragbook, as in updating their facebooks to brag about silly things

24. Aaron says that my dislike of bragbooking might mean that I am jealous

25. I disagree. I just don't enjoy bragging

26. I think the term bragbook should become part of pop culture.

27. Renee Zellweger's face annoys me.  I know that is probably a terrible thing to say. 

28. Most people stumble upon my blog from a post I wrote about tight rolling jeans.

29. I don't like family members to read my blog.  Someone recently googled my husband's name and workplace and spent over two hours reading my blog.  It really stressed me out.  I still wonder who it was.

30. Small talk is my least favorite activity.

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