Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When I Can't Sleep, I Write Lists

It is 1am and I absolutely cannot fall asleep. So here is a list of pointless info.

1. Tonight I submitted an article to my editor that I am afraid he will hate
2. I told him in the e-mail that I sent him that I was afraid he would hate it.
3. I shouldn't have said that.
4. I tend to say lots of stuff I regret later.
5. I don't know how to follow the rule of little said = little mended.
6. We are spending Christmas in Mexico this year.
7. We are going to the church in Rosarito that was just built using the windows that were the originals in our house when we moved in.
8. I think it's pretty cool that our old windows got put to use.
9. My father-in-law and his kind of, sort of, wife are adopting a baby that is to be born any day now.
10. They are going to name her Esther.
11. My father-in-law annoys me every time I see him, mostly when he is eating because he has really bad table manners.
12. I am trying to be a nicer a person.
13. Tonight the kids and I served and ate dinner with homeless people at the El Cajon rec center. One of the homeless guys kept calling Andrew a gentle giant. Maybe because he was wearing green?
14. My best friend is flying in from Chicago in 6 days.
15. This year my mother-in-law sent me a gift addressed to Shiobhan. I am wondering if that means she hates me.

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