Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best Christmas Present Ever

My kids have lice. Not all three of them, basically just Amelia. However I did find eggs in Jake and Andrew's hair. So gross. We received an e-mail from our principal a few days ago stating that lice was circulating around the school. I didn't freak out. I should've.

Today I spotted a big one crawling around in Amelia's hair. I immediately set out for the drug store to buy some lice shampoo. I have spent the day shampooing the kid’s hair, combing out little eggs from their scalps, washing sheets, pillows, sofa covers, and vacuuming and shampooing the holy shit out of our carpets.

While I was combing the little nits out of Amelia's hair she was screaming her head off as if I were attempting to murder her. That girl has a severe bug phobia. I don’t blame her. It's disgusting.

It's just one thing after another around here.

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