Thursday, December 1, 2011

Birthday Letter Number Eleven


Today you are 11. Last night before you went to bed I gave you a hug and told you that I wished you would just stay ten. You smiled up at me in that cute dimpled face way of yours.

I meant it. I think that there should be a pill that mothers can use on their children so their kids can stay one age for a very long time. I wanted you to be ten for at least another decade. It's too late now because you woke up this morning as an eleven-year-old.

I am worried that you are going to start losing your sweetness. Some of it is wearing off already. You have started taking a grumpy teenaged tone with me. You get frustrated easily and sign loudly. It's part of growing up. I know it won't last forever. You are figuring out who you are and when your done I am certain you are going to be an amazing man.

For now I'm happy that you still wake up in a good mood. The rest of us are horrendous in the a.m. You make our thirty minute drive to school each moring a little more tolerable.

This year you are a 5th grader. After three consecutive years of being the only boy in your class, finally you have another male student. Micah moved here over the summer from Alaska. Unfortunatley the two of you have a love/hate realtionship. We are hoping with time you and Micah will grow to appreciate each other more.

In the beginning of the school year, you were moved up to 6th grade math because you are a math whiz. You are a sponge. Everything facinates you. Your brain is filled with obscure information. I envy that in you. You have inheriated that trait from your dad.

You have started taking guitar lessons. Every Tuesday for a half in hour you learn white Stripes and Nirvana songs. This last month you've gotten pretty good.

Your doing boy scouts with our neighbor kid. You love all the fun adventures from that and have made lots of new friends.

This year you have also developed your first serious crush on our 14-year-old-neighbor. You and her take walks down to sprouts to buy candy and bake cookies togetether. she makes you play Just Dance with her which is pretty funny to witness. Basically you will do anything she tells you to do. She adores you and loves the undivided attention you give her. It's pretty adorable.

I love you so very much.


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