Saturday, November 12, 2011

Midweek Adventure

Last Tuesday a friend of mine invited me to a film opening in LA.  At first I declined the invitation.  It was a school night and I would need to secure a babysitter for the kids because Aaron was out of town.  It seemed like too much work to make it happen.  But then she told me that she was actually in the film and would be part of a Q and A afterward.

 "It's a documentary and kind of controversial. I'm wearing a wig in it to hide my identity. If you don't come I'll never tell you what it's about it."

By nature I am nosey, so I made it happen.  It was a fun midweek adventure.  We stayed later than we should and had drinks with the producers and a few other documentary film makers.  It was fun chatting with a group of highly creative minds.  It was the most interesting Tuesday night I have had in a really long time. I'm glad I went.

I was going to attach the trailer for the film but I think a few of my regular blog readers would recognize my friend.  So I won't.  In case you're wondering it  had nothing to do with porn. It's not really controversial as much as an oxymoron if that makes sense.

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