Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Things that happened during this year's Thanksgiving:

1. Jesse, my brother-in-law, informed us that he will be getting married to his new girlfriend, the one we all thought was a rebound fling. The wedding will take place in Korea this summer. I am excited to take an exotic vacation.

2. I forgot to make cranberries which are mine and Andrew's favorite side dish; also I neglected to make my Grandmother's apple pie.

3. Today, my father-in-law gifted Jacob with a case of Mexican Coca-Cola for his 11th birthday which is on next Friday. He always buys people food products for their birthdays. I think it is strange. Jacob was super into it though.

4. Before our meal I forced people to hula hoop. There is nothing more hysterical than watching grown people attempt to hula hoop.

5. The best thing I ate today was stuffing. I love stuffing. If I were stuck on an island I would be okay with only eating stuffing for the rest of my life.

6. At 10pm this evening Aaron got up from the coach, walked two feet and fell right on his face. This happens to him from time to time because his legs fall asleep and buckle when he attempts to walk. I laughed for ten consecutive minutes. So did my friend Nicole and her brother Danny.

7. This year I made Thanksgiving jars for everyone that came over for dinner. We wrote down our favorite things about each guest and placed them in the jar. We read them during dinner. It was fun. I think I will make it a tradition.

8. It is currently 11:24 and we are watching a film about a drug addicted writer played by Bradley Copper. It's not so good.

Thankful jars

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