Sunday, November 6, 2011

Disney Fanatics

I never thought I would be one of those people that is all, “OMG I love Disneyland! It is awesome! I want to go their all the time, blah blah, blah.” But I am that person.

Years ago, my parents treated the boys, Aaron, and I with a mini Disney vacation for Andrew’s 5th birthday.  Jacob was in tears the entire time. He thought all the characters dressed up as Mickey, Goofy, and Pooh Bear intended to kill him. The rides terrified him because they were dark and had fluorescent things popping out at him. He wanted to go home. He spent the day in constant fear for his life while I spent my time trying to calm him down. When we left I had no interest in ever going back.

Nearly 8 years later we decided to give it another try for the sake of Amelia, who is in the only kid in her class that has yet to spend the day at Disneyland. The boys stayed with friends because they thought the idea of sleepover at someone else’s house sounded like more fun.

It was just Aaron, Amelia, and I. For thirty six hours Amelia had a constant grin on her face (except when we went in the haunted hotel which terrified her). We went on Space Mountain five times, we had breakfast with the Disney Princesses, we slept at the Disneyland hotel, we rode the monorail, the teacups, we toured the homes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and we watched the parade in the evening, and saw the World of Colors show. It was fantastic. I am officially a Disneyland fanatic.

Amelia paraded around Disneyland first in a Snow White costume, and the next day in and Ariel one. We gave her a map and she circled all the places she wanted to go to. She enthusiastically led us around the prak. It was one of the best 36 hours of my life. I want to go back like right now! Here are some pictures:

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