Friday, September 3, 2010

An Army of Siobhan's

I am coming to grips with the idea that I have a generic face.

Two nights ago while walking to my car with groceries in hand, a man in a nearby deli stuck his head out of the door and started waving frantically in my direction. I looked around and upon realizing I was the only one in view, I slowly waved back.  I studied his face hoping to recognize him.

“How have you been, Heather?” he shouted

“I’m not Heather,” I shouted back

He looked as confused as I did.

That happens a lot. People think they know me. I have been stopped on the street, asked by professors if I have already taken one of their courses, told I look like a cousin, a sister, a co-worker, even,an Olympic skier, or a friend.

Luckily my parents gifted me with an ethnic name that has a strange spelling: S-i-o-b-h-a-n.  So, I have that piece of uniqueness going for me.

Oddly, I kind of like the idea of a million me’s running around out there with my face. I wish I could run into one of the mini me's but I have yet to meet one.


rose said...

Love your face Siobhan. Don't think it's generic but it's a good way of meeting people. But, who the hell are those twins at the end of your post? Very funny!

Siobhan said...

ha, I'm not sure who they are. I googled images of twins, which I wouldn't recommend unless you are a fan of porn.