Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amelia's First Day of Kindergarten

I had a vision in my mind of what Amelia's very first day of kindergarten would be like. I imagined waking up early and enjoying breakfast together as a family. There would be picture taking and a long tearful good bye at her classroom door. Upon picking her up form school she would happily greet me and go on and on about how great her first day was.

That's not what happened.

I attempted a family breakfast this morning but Jacob was cold and insisted on wrapping up in a blanket and collapsing on the couch, and Andrew was thoroughly grouchy. Amelia was the only one slightly chipper, although she was peeved that one of her butterflies in which we decorated her kindergarten bag with had gotten smooshed by Jake's backpack.

Once we got to school there was no time for pictures because school was set to begin in two minutes. Amelia's kindergarten teacher wanted to know where her morning snack was and why I hadn't placed it in a separate bag, hadn't I remembered this from when Jake was in her class (3 years ago!). Didn’t I read about it in the kindergarten handbook (I arrogantly ignored because I have already had two kids go through kindergarten) I was flustered by the time I left her at school.

When three o'clock rolled around I couldn’t wait to hear about her day. Upon picking her up in her room so had a mini melt down "why are you here so early, all my other friends are still in the classroom!" She fumed.

Before long she ran off to the playground to play with the other girls, only to have another temper tantrum on the playground when another kid accidentally kicked her. She left school in tears demanding that we stop at seven eleven to buy her a Slurpee.

I demand a redo! Maybe we can pretend that tomorrow is her first day?

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