Wednesday, August 25, 2010

News flash

I’m going to start with the good stuff:

I've been bummed out with my school schedule so today I went ahead and e-mailed an English professor about the possibility of him adding me to his rooster. It was a firm no at first. Instead of giving up I sent him several witty (in my opinion, anyway) e-mails about how the very idea of spending an entire semester without an English class may very well kill me.  He caved. I am never pushy. I feel like a major life lesson was learned today. Happily I am now enrolled in English 205.

On to the bad.

My little guy (Jake) has pneumonia. It's not a huge deal. Medication will clear it right up but I had no idea just how sick he was. ON top of that I learned he has asthma. My sister had asthma and would wake up in a panic thanks to her attacks and it really freaked me out. I'm hoping that the same will not happen with Jake.

To make matters worse, Andrew’s hearing test results were not good and he will have to have a growth in his ear removed.

Why do medical situations have to happen all at once? I'm not a fan of my kids have health issues. Luckily nothing is life threatening, just simple stuff that can be taken care of. ON a side not my kids have the coolest pediatrician ever. I love her

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