Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school

My classes started up this week. I am not at all impressed by my schedule, History, Dream weaver web creation, my third course in Spanish, and speech. It consists of way too much homework. Last night I could not sleep and when I did I was writing a Zelda Lily blog post about prostitutes n my SLEEP!

I’m tired.

In my Spanish class the professor speaks solely in espanol and wanted us to write an 8 sentence paragraph in Spanish on our first day of CLASS, wtf lady. Oh, and she told us that we will have quizzes every time our class meets! Although I did manage to friend a 60 something aging hippy with the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. Her Spanish may be worse than mine. Is it shallow to admit that is why I like her so much?

My history teacher has a fondness for Hawaiian shirts that do absolutely nothing for his complexion. Also, the dude who sits next to me in his class has body odor issues and zero concept of personal space. I’m going to have to remember to find a new seat.

This week has seemed so rushed. It feels like Friday but it’s only Tuesday.

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