Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The WT on the street

My neighbors may or may not think we are trash balls.

 It all started when Aaron took some hedge trimmers to the vivid green, wildly growing bushes that once lined our driveway.  He took it a step too far and trimmed them to death.  When the kids and I arrived home from a weekend trip up north we were greeted by their bareness. 

The following weekend he trimmed more off and currently all that is left is the lonely carcasses of what were once bushes.  To add insult to injury he lined our front yard with weed killer and now everything is brown.  In his defense it was basically all overgrown weeds. At some point in the very near future we plan to do some great landscaping. For now our neighbors have an unsightly looking home on their block. It will get there.  At some point our hosue will be pretty. 


archshrk said...

pictures or it never happened

Siobhan said...

Ha, okay
I'll post some photos.