Saturday, June 25, 2011


I'm going to ease myself back into blogging with a meme

1.  Today I managed to get a patchy sunburn on my legs
2.  It's amazing how having one child out of the house (Jake is visiting his grandma for a few weeks)  makes such a drastic change in the atmosphere of our home.  It feels like everything is out of whack.  At the beach the other day I kept forgetting he wasn't with me and would momentarily believe he had been swallowed up by a wave or had wandered off. 
3.  My dog has gotten so old that sometimes I have to lift her up our stairs because she can't make it on her own.
4.  She barks at the wall all the time.  I'm pretty sure she is losing her mind. 
5. When I am having a bad day I go to the animal shelter.
6. While some people get baby fever I go through bouts of puppy fever.
7.  I am always disappointed in people that don't like dogs but I shouldn't judge because I hate cats.
8.  I really love my new house.
9.  My father in law came over a few nights ago to pick up a weight lifting set that he has been storing in our garage. I was immediately startled by his choice of clothing--skater shoes, baggy shorts and a frat boy tee. He used to dress like a hippie.  I'm not sure what brought about his wardrobe change.  His new look reminds me of the guy that worked at the gas station near my parents house  used to sell my friends and I cigarettes when we were 15.  He used to wear raver clothes which seemed so wildly inappropriate for his much older age.     
10.  Embarrassing Confession: I have been watching the Secret Life of an American Teenager on Netflix for the last couple of months and am totally hooked.  I don't watch it when Aaron is around because I would rather not listen to him mock me
11.  I am the kind of person that gets very attached to one friend.  I have a hard time hanging out with multiple people.  I am really trying hard to get over that.  This summer I have been attempting to hang out with an assortment of different people.  It's out of my comfort zone but I'm learning to spice things up.  I am attempting to behave like a normal person.
12.  Aaron was gone all week and I missed him alot.  Normally I don't miss him. That sounds terrible but in my defense he travels a lot so I am used to his absence.  I think that maybe with age I am becoming a little less of a jerk.  Perhaps that is why I have been missing him more lately. 
13.  I'm pretty sure that most of our neighbors think Andrew and Jacob are totally wild and crazy boys.  They are. I am okay with that  because they are really sweet and happy little guys that for the most part make good choices. 
14. My hair is blonde for the summer.  I kind of love it.
15.  Aaron and I went out tonight and our neighbor girl watched Amelia for us (Andrew is having a sleep over).   She baked a cake for us and cleaned our house.  Best. Babysitter. ever.

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