Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wannabe Mormons

Tonight Andrew had his bud Jackson spend the night. While playing ping pong the boys lobbed a ball over our neighbor's fence.  It didn't appear to be a big deal.  We have a zillion more.  Apparently they thought it was a bigger deal than I did.

A few minutes later Andrew came inside wanting to know if we had a Mormon bible.  Despite the fact that we are not Mormon, randomly, we do.  A short time later Amelia and Jackson came down the stairs dressed like this:

After nearly dying of laughter I got them to explain why they looked like Mormon missionaries.  Apparently they hatched an elaborate scheme to distract our neighbor by knocking on his door and pretending to be Mormon missionaries.  Meanwhile Andrew would sneak into their backyard and retrieve the ping pong ball. 

I suggested that it may be easier if they just asked for it back

 "That wouldn't be as fun."

In case anyone is wondering, I didn't let them go through with it.

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Unknown said...

Funniest kid scheme EVER. What smarties!