Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sophomore year

I am still reading through my horrific high school journals. I think they will serve as a terrific reference when my kids get older. They are realy, really unintentionally hilarious!

Anyway, this is one of my very favorite journal entries. I can still vividly remember this day. It was one of my happiest high school moments. Of course the actual date itself was not as picture perfect as I had imagined it would be. The poor guy was almost a god like figure to me so the only direction he could go was down.


Today has been the single greatest day of my life! After spending months infatuated with Mike Matthews, to the point that I have his class schedule memorized so I can “accidentally” bump into him in the hall and stare, oh so longingly, at his doc marten clad feet, he finally and unbelievably asked me out!

I can’t get over it! I feel like at any moment a balding camera guy will step out from behind a tree and say “ha ha, got you, this is all a big joke. You are lame and ugly and Matt has zero intrest in you” But no it’s real, it’s really, and truly happening. Mike Matthews is aware of my existence and wants to spend time with me! Crazy!

The actual encounter was pretty blah. I mean I kind of acted like an idiot, but who cares. He is still coming to pick me up on Friday night to take me downtown. We are going to see his firend's band play at the Belmont Bowl.

I was standing outside oh so innocently, having, most likely, a pointless conversation with Sam and Liz. Out of no where Mike Matthews pulls up in Ray Anderson’s car (who by the way is another very hot senior). He rolls down the window and shouts my name. All I could think of at the moment was: Mike Matthews knows my name and apparently so does Ray Anderson! Crazy! That was exciting enough. That simple acknowledgement of my existence could have made my day. What happened next was pretty unbelievable. The words that came out of Mike’s mouth nearly paralyzed me in a state of shock. Very simply, with out the least bit of hesitation, he casually asked if I had plans on Friday night and if I‘d like to see a show with him.

I wonder what my face looked like? I am certain that is was a mixture of the most ridiculous amount of pure unadulterated happiness and that of complete astonishment. I managed to say yes and then somehow also managed to ask to bring Anastasia. Not cool. A guy asks me out and I ask to bring a friend. What am I in Junior High? I just needed to fill in the silence. He was looking at me waiting for me to say something, anything, and that was all I could come up with.

You could tell he was annoyed by my request and possibly regretting asking out a sophomore but nonetheless he nodded yes. After telling me what time he would swing by to pick me up he was gone, just like that he drove away, into the sunset. Okay so not into the sunset more like into the polluted air of LaGrange Park but he may as well the way it felt like I was stuck in a romantic movie. My hair should’ve been billowing in the wind or some shit!

Liz and Sam managed to hold it together long enough for Ray and Mike to drive away before they were both screaming and hugging me. The first thing Beth said was “Why did you invite stasia, She can’t go.” “You’re supposed to make out with Mike.” “What is Anastasia going to do, watch?”

She has a point. Anastasia is officially uninvited! Before I knew it Stasia and Sarah were outside with us. We were all dancing around like a bunch of idiots. Everyone was hugging me and smiling. It was such a moment! I wish I could’ve bottled it in one of those cheesy snow globes and put it on a shelf in my room so I could see the scene of us all screaming and dancing outside on the yard of school drunk with excitement! I think my friend’s excitement for me was even better then Mike asking me out!

I cannot believe that I have been obsessing over Mike since October and all that obsessing has finally paid off. Now hopefully I will not make an ass out of myself on Friday. I am sure I will though! That’s just my way, somehow or other I always make an ass out of myself!

This is me Sophmore year:
Homecoming night sporting a terrible dress with gold accents that really higlighted my braces!

Me and my BFF Sam. We were an absolute nightmare together! We were always doing stupid things like stealing her parents car at he tender age of 15 to drive around town.

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