Friday, May 22, 2009

3rd grade me

It was in third grade that my obsession with keeping a journal began. My teacher forced it upon her students by having us record our thoughts in a pale yellow notebook. I took to it with the enthusiasm of an angsty opinionated 9 year old girl. My journal from that year is filled with short stories,terrible knock knock jokes, complaints about my classmates--mostly the boys, and lengthy descriptions of my weekend adventures.

This the thrid grade me:

January 27th 1988

Today Mrs. Rausche made us move our desks. Now I have to sit by Damien! Ewww, he is so gross! I am about to puke. I hate when he says "go milk a cow home girl."

I made up a poem about him

What a geek is Damien
How meek is Damien!
His butt can hold more than his brain can

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