Friday, May 22, 2009

Enjoy the ride

For Aaron's Birthday I accidentally allowed Andrew to buy him a pornographic shirt. I had no idea. Aaron wore it to a mother's day brunch (at a park with little children) oblivious to it's nasty sexual innuendo. He was the creepy dude at the park that day

Why is it that things like this only happen to us? I think the fact that no one in my family knew what a mustache ride was automatically makes us wholesome.

The t-shirt features about twenty mustaches. written underneath the staches it says: Enjoy the Ride. I have always thought mustaches were funny I didn't think the shirt meant something gross. I am sometimes stupid.

Aaron was in an in-depth conversation about religion and politics when my friend Steve asked "do you find it as bizarre as I do that he is having that conversation while wearing a shirt like that?"

"huh?" I didn't get it. The whole mustache thing had to be explained to me, to Aaron, and to a few other clueless brunch goers. Who knew that our mothers day brunch would end in a description of what a mustache ride is?

"So that's why some woman at the store appeared visually disgusted when I told her that my ten year old son bought me this shirt!" announced Aaron.


archshrk said...

Thanks for the laugh! HA!


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