Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here is a list of things people have googled to find my blog:

Help my breath smells like shit, literally!

Katie Holmes french roll

Pictures of a boy jumping off a tree

Wacky Wednesday dress up

tight roll katie

Aaron smells like shit

katie Holmes roll jeans

Katie Holmes penny loafers

The little mind of a three year old boy

Katie holmes tight roll jeans (again!)


Used to be a Phish fan

Followed Phish

Katie holmes and penny loafers

Hair cut tons off

Katie homes tight roll

katie holmes jeans

There is actually one more that is too distrubing to post that I considered shutting my blog down over.

What I have learned:

1. People are really into Katie holmes
2. Phish fans will find me
3. Someone else besides Aaron has experienced shit breath.


archshrk said... funny. A few funny ones on my site are:
1. pregnant hooter calendar
2. hooter hider patterns
3. tricks to make you go into labor
4. sex po

Siobhan said...

Funny, number 4 is random. What's a sex po? I wonder if they had a typo and meant sex poo. gross!

archshrk said...

I'm not sure what was on my site that matched those keywords.

Oh, wait - I was talking about this.

Nicole said...

That is so funny. How do you find all of this?