Thursday, October 9, 2008

Amelia's Birthday letter #4

You are now officially 4 years old. When I woke you up the morning of your birthday and shouted happy birthday and asked how it felt to be four, you were not pleased. “Mommy, I am not four! At my party when we go to the park open presents and sing happy birthday I will be four. Today I am still three!” People telling you that you were 4 went on all day. This was a highly disappointing turn of events. Very tiresomely you had to explain to people how growing a year old worked. Clearly the rest of the world is clueless when it comes to birthdays! Over and over again you explained that you can only age during birthday parties and not until after the birthday song has been sung to you! I think people might be starting to get it! I imagine it must be tiresome to be surrounded by such ignorance. You have run into the same problem at preschool. Preschool, mostly has been an enormous blessing to you but has also proven to be a huge source of frustration. Oddly, your teacher, Mrs. Plagenz, seems to believe that sharing time occurs only on Mondays and Wednesdays. You know better. Sharing is everyday. Also, Ms. Plagenz says that you can only bring something in that starts with the letter of the week. Last week was E. When you insisted on bringing a bag of miss matched socks from the laundry room to share with your classroom, you were livid when I attempted to explain why that wasn’t happening. “Sock starts with S not E.” I explained. You were even madder when I explained the way sharing works. Ms. Plagenz is wrong you insisted. Besides, Ms. Plagenz loves socks. She always tells you how pretty yours are. She would love a bag of socks to be shared. After much persuasion and a lot of tears you agreed to leave the socks home until S became the letter of the week. Luckily you received many, many fairies as gifts. This weeks sharing may not be too terrible what with all the choices. We will see!

When people asked what you wanted for your Birthday this year, you told everyone the same thing: Barbie and Tinkerbelle stuff. It amazes me how grown up you are from last year. You didn’t even know what a Barbie was and now you have a whole group of then lining the bottom shelf of your book case (hopefully you will not have body issues as a result!).

On the car ride home from your party you said that was the best, best, birthday ever. You were so excited. It was one of those moments that I love. I love when you are your happiest. You have such an excitement about life. You remind me at times of your uncle Roger who is so full with happiness at any given moment he radiates a cheer that you can practically feel and breathe in. I love that you have that in you. It’s a contagious happiness that makes my life that much more interesting and amazing all because of you. I hope that excitement sticks with you your entire life. I hope when you are an adult you will get just as big of a kick out of seeing a butterfly or the cute tiny little ants in your back yard. Nothing is trivial to you. Everything is vivid.

This year you have started preschool. I don’t get to see you as much. This at times is hard for me because I love spending time with you. If given the option to stay home with me all day or go to school you would choose school. You absolutely love it. You love the puzzles, and the tiny little blue stool in the bathroom, the princess dresses, the stories your teacher reads, and most of all your friends. I am so happy that you have adjusted well. You tell me everything that goes on at school. You tell me about the songs you sing, the kid that got in trouble, and the funny little things your classmates did. I love hearing you excitingly spill every little detail from your day. The boys have always been so boy like when it comes to talking about what goes on when I am not with them. Being naturally nosey I love that you tell me about your day! You want me to know about the new pink shoes Hailey was wearing or the way Sophie pretended to be a Monster and you were her monster mommy. I like that you recite the songs you sang making up your own lyrics. Sometimes I wish I could magically keep you at this age forever. I love the sound of your voice and your tiny little hands. I love the way you giggle and even how dramatic you get at times. I am so happy to have you in my life. I can’t wait to see what other exciting moments this year has in store for you.
Love you always,

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