Thursday, October 9, 2008


Lately I have found myself really enjoying the boy’s soccer practice. The school year is so hectic and at times overwhelming. I have found that the 2 hours we spend at the local park mid week is so very peaceful. It's the only chance I get all week to sit back and relax. The boys love playing soccer. It really is the happiest part of their week. I love to see them chasing after the ball and drunk on the excitement of playing a game they love so much.

My favorite time of the day as far back as I can remember has always been dusk. As a little girl my brother and I would often run across our neighbor’s yards to the Flag creek to sneak a peak at all the animals that came out of hiding right before the sun sunk away into the sky. We would see turtles, beavers, and if we were really lucky a fox or a deer. Dusk reminds me of summer and of being young and carefree. It's connected to all that I love: nature, summer, family, and youth. I love the way the sinking sun makes everything more vivid and the most beautiful shade of orange.

Every week we spend a good half and hour at soccer practice stuck in-between daylight and night fall. It reminds me just how lucky we are to live in such a stunning city. The park the kids play at is outlined by mission Trails Park. We can see the pretty slopes of hills to the east and the outline of downtown to the south. It's nice to be reminded mid week of all the beauty we are surrounded by.

I snapped a photo last week but it doesn’t capture how amazing it really is

Amelia palying on the playground with an orange tint from the setting sun

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Nicole said...

I love your love for life!