Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why meg ryan, why!

I have always found Meg Ryan to be adorable. I love sleepless in Seattle and when a man loves a woman. That woman can act! She is always so charming and down to earth in all of her movies.

My love for Meg Ryan started to dwindle, only slightly, when she left Dennis Quaid for Russell Crowe. There is something greasy about Russell Crowe and his leg muscles annoy me. They don’t seem to go with the rest of his body. Then there was an awkward interview I watched of Meg with Oprah where she admitted to changing her daughters name randomly out of the blue whene she was one years old. She said it was because she was looking at her daughter one day and thought she just didn’t look like a charlotte anymore and that daisy was much more fitting. Who does that? If I did that with Amelia at age one she would now be dolly because she used to do this freaky thing with her lips that reminded me of dolly Parton in the movie 9 to 5.

I overlooked these small petty things and chalked them up to quirkiness. After all there was a point in my life when I wanted Meg Ryan to be my mother. I wanted her to take me shopping and teach me how to have cool crazy hair. Now she has gone and done this to her face. All I can ask is why Meg Ryan, why? How is she going to get any acting gigs when she literally cannot move her face?



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